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Thread: Questions before i start WBB routine 1

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    Questions before i start WBB routine 1

    Ive been working my own routine for about a year, and i thought id switch it up for a change. My old routine was as followed:

    Monday: Biceps+ Back
    3 bicep, 3 back exercies, usually with 3x10
    Wensday: Chest +Triceps
    3 chest, 3 tri's, again about 3x10
    Friday: Shoulders+ Legs
    3 of each. 3x10

    My goal is to try to tightin up, get stronger, and also tightin my gut. Which isint that big,

    So my question is, could i do cardio on my off days with the new routine? or will that effect my gains? because to lose my gut, and get abs which, since i was at one time much bigger, is one of my main goals, i need to do lots of cardio, right? I usually run 30 minute soni a tread mill on my cardio days.2-3 times a week.

    Also, my diet is usually a bit sketchy. The typical teenage diet i guess. But im trying to work on it. I eat lots of carbs, but i also eat lots of protein. Are carbs as horrible as people make them out to be, because im quite the picky eater, and most of my daily eats, are carbs.

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    Looks good. For most people cardio is necessary for losing the gut.

    carbs are not bad, its just what people mainly cut out of their diet because it makes up so much of your diet; it makes it easy to just cut out some and then your calories go down. lesser calories=more weight loss

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    The only reason carbs are "horrible" is because in most peoples' diets they are extremely abundant. Very cheap, accessible, and TASTY food is made mostly of carbs, but I diegress..

    If you are worried about your diet, you can track stuff at

    Next, I would recommend some form of cardio, preferably HIIT maybe 2 times a week, 3 max, on off days only. Keep in mind that any caloric defecit aimed towards dieting down will affect musclar size/strength gains.

    Like our smart friend Built said yesterday sometime, abs are definitely made in the kitchen. Cardio should be a supplement to your diet. Too much cardio will get you abs, but at the expense of a lot of lean body mass. Which, since you are browsing these forums and they are named "wanna be big", makes me think that is the last thing on your mind.
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    great, anyone else using this routine and found sucess with it?


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