im about 5'10, 183 lbs. if i were to take a guess at my body fat %, id probably say maybe around 20-22% (just a guess). i am going to start my first cut (after thanksgiving) and try and lose around 10-20 lbs by the end of february. i read you should try and lose 1 lb a week to avoid losing muscle, but since i have all this excess fat, i was wondering if for the first few weeks if it was ok to lose 2 lbs or so and then when my bf% goes down, i can try and hit 1 lb a week? or should i stick with 1 lb a week regardless?

next time i bulk (will be 2nd bulk; ending my first bulk now as i start first cut), hopefully i will be in decent shape so i wont mind gaining a few pounds of fat, but right now i feel i really need to drop some weight. ill be much happier if i were skinner than if i gained more muscle continuing my bulk at the moment. it will also be nice to see some of the muscles better i gained during my first bulk.