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    Adam's Journal - First Cut

    Quick stats:
    Age: soon to be 19
    Height: 5'9"
    I am about to finish my first year of college.

    Some measurements:
    left bicep (non-dominant)
    unflexed: 12.5 in
    flexed: 13.75 in
    chest: 37in

    left bicep
    unflexed: 13.25 in
    flexed: 14.75 in
    chest: 40in

    1/11/06 - 175.5
    2/8/06- - 180.1
    3/13/06 - 181.7 ~start of crazy bulk
    3/24/06 - 189.7
    3/27/06 - 188.8
    4/16/06 - 197.7
    roughly a 17 lb. gain from a month ago.

    A little history of me-
    In middle school, I wasnt fat, but I also wasnt skinny. I was somewhere in between. Then between the beginning of sophmore to the end of junior year in high-school, my weight shot up from about 160 to roughly 190. I can safely say it was roughly 80% fat because I did no weight lifting and just played high-school club hockey. Summer going into senior year I just tried to lose as much weight as I could by doing cardio and weight lifting. I got back down to about 170 lbs. I stayed roughly this weight my senior year and kept learning about weight lifting and trying to weight lift about 3 times a week.

    A month or so before I started college last year, I decided to get "serious" about weight lifting, or atleast what I thought was serious. I started college at about 176 lbs. I tried my first "bulk" then but I had a crappy routine and I only put on about 4 lbs. when i weighed myself at thanksgiving. During December, I went on a horrible cut, where looking back, I realized I was only probably getting about 100g of protein a day which was very dumb of me. I lost mostly muscle and then was back where i started at the end of December at 176 lbs.

    decision to eat like crazy-
    After winter break, I began to keep track of my weight. Between 1/13/06 to 3/13/06, i went from 176.6lb to 181.7 lb. I decided to throw out my crappy routine at this point (3/13/06) and just eat like a madman until school gets out at the end of April and then cut as best I can the whole summer so I can have a good base to work with for the next school year. I picked up the 'baby got back' routine at this time and started eating like crazy from 3/13/06 until today, 4/18/06. Definitely had strength gains and I am enjoying the routine thus far. As my weight above shows, after starting baby got back and eating a ton, I gained roughly 17 lb during the last month.

    Future plans-
    This summer, I wanna do a run of PSMF to lower my bf to about 14-16% and then do a regular cut with protein/carbs/fats with a maintainence-500 calory diet. I am going to start counting my calories for my diet and I will be keeping a journal when I start the diet. I am determined to do this cut right...

    I know I put on a ton of fat bulking this fast, but I dont really mind because I just wanted to make sure I gained some muscle since I spent most of freshman year of college at roughly the same weight, +- 5 lbs. I will do a really good job of cutting this summer and preserve as much LBM as I can (I know PSMF isnt very good at this, but I want to just kick start my diet and see some fast results to encourage myself).

    So here are some pictures. I just want to post them so I can have something to compare to when I cut this summer. I dont really see much change, but if anyone has some good comments to leave, I would be grateful. Thanks
    I had a slight tan for the 2-19-06 pics and I also accidentally screwed around with the pictures contrast so they are darker then they should be.
    Also, the pictures even though are about 2 months apart, are closer to what i looked like about 1-1.5 months apart because i went on spring break a few days after 2-19-06 for a week, came back and couldnt workout for ~1-2 weeks because i had to catch up on things.
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