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Thread: new updated yearly pics... in need your input guys

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    new updated yearly pics... in need your input guys

    ok so you obviously see the pic were i was 150lbs give or take a few that was about 5/04, sorry for the ****ty pic, and the one next to it is from 1/05 weighin in at 205 give or take a couple lbs, and the last two are from me taken last night, at still the same 205lbs ,

    yes i did one fina cycle and that was for 4 weeks 700mg/week, and i ended the cycle just before i took that pic on 1/05, havent done **** all year but maintain the weight ,

    i am about to start a 750mg/week test e cycle and am hoping for a solid 220 seeing in how i gained 18 lbs off the fina cycle in 4 weeks, but i want to get your guys opinion on what areas i need work in so i can focus on the area's for this cycle.. thanks and any input greatly appreciated..
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