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Thread: front squats causing pain

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    front squats causing pain

    wondering how many have experience with this and how long it took to adapt

    after doing front squats, my clavicles are extremely sore... esp where they connect at the scapula

    also, my right front delt had a nice bruise develop a few days afterwards

    (i cross my arms)
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    could be technique/the way your holding the bar and possibly to heavy. try going light and working on form for a couple of weeks
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    Unless you have really big biceps, you should be able to do front squats with a clean grip. It will be hard on your wrists and elbows for a while and you may only be able to keep two or three fingers on the bar, but you will get used to it. Make sure to keep your elbows high.

    I'm not sure what the deal is w. your present grip, but I don't think the bar is positioned correctly - having a clean grip on your front squats would correct it. If you are adamant about continuing to use the cross-your-heart style, make sure to keep your elbows high.
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    Use the clean grip. It's worth it. It took a month of wrist pain for me to get it down -- I figured it out just last week. Stretch, stretch, and stretch your wrists. The thing that finally made it click was letting my elbows come inward, which I had been resisting, but it help me keep them very high.

    I still have redness on my clavicle and delts, but that's more from jerking and catching the weight

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