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Thread: best way to work out?

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    best way to work out?

    ive read somewhere that the best way to work out is over 4 sets
    1st, minimum weights + 20-25 reps
    2nd, heaviest weight you can do + 8-10 reps
    3rd, drop the weight a little + 12-15 reps
    4th, drop the weight again + 15-18 reps

    is this correct? or is it better to go flat out with the heaviest weights u can lift over 4 or even 5 sets?

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    No, what you posted is the absolute best way.

    All others pale in comparison.
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    The best way?

    Progression and hard work.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I am not sure if maybe you are talking about pyramidding your sets..? Starting off light maybe 12-15 reps then increasing the weight while lowering the reps..

    For example a bench routine might be.
    135 for 12-15 reps
    185 for 8-10 reps
    225 for 6-8 reps
    275 for 4-5 reps
    225 for 8-12 reps

    Or something along those lines thats just pyramidding up and then down with the last set, lowering the weight. Is that what your referring to? Try and be more specific in your posts bro or no one will take you seriously and just reply with sarcastic remarks, which will probably confuse you more then anything else.

    Good luck!

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    sorry dude.. yeh i was tryin to ask what people thought about pyramiding their sets, because thats how ive planed out to do my workout..

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    Like Paul said, as long as you are making progression. Keep using it.

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    Best way depends on the person.

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