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Thread: How's this look?

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    How's this look?

    Not the cleanest day, had some fast food with the girlfriend and munched out a bit while watching movies :S Anyways, how's this look?

    Calories Eaten Today
    source grams cals %total
    Total: 3728
    Fat: 111 1000 27%
    Sat: 36 328 9%
    Poly: 16 148 4%
    Mono: 43 390 11%
    Carbs: 478 1835 50%
    Fiber: 20 0 0%
    Protein: 215 858 23%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

    I weigh about 170lbs as of late and am trying to bulk. I want to clean up my diet and watch it more carefully but it's hard to do as I am on a mealplan in residence at university

    Any advice as to what I should be eating/avoiding? (Remember I don't even have access to a kitchen... Stupid dorm room ) Should I really worry alot about having a 'clean' diet during a bulk or just get my **** together before I cut...

    I know, alot of questions all at once. Any input is appreciated!
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    Excluding the fast food/munchies, as far as i can tell, it looks pretty good, especially w/o access to a kitchen. The only thing I'm gonna ask is: Is that enough cals for you? I weigh 150 and I'm bulking on just slightly more cals than that. If it works for you, great, if not, up the cals.
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    its not that hard to eat clean on dorm food.. cafeterias usually serve chicken\turkey
    restauraunts on campus may look unclean but you can prob find stuff.. ie the greek place on campus for me sells rotisserie chicken, which isnt bad at all
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    Based on personal experience so far I'm not all that worried about a clean diet. I've lost 18 lbs in 18 weeks, now, and I eat fast food two or three times a week quite often. What I eat doesn't seem as important as maintaining a caloric deficit and getting my 0.5/lbm and 1+/lbm fat and protein in. I maintain a defecit while eating fast food by over-estimating calories on fast food items. If my fitday with a Wendy's combo on it reads 1600 I treat it as an 1800 to allow for the possibilty a burger was extra greasy, etc.

    I just cut back on the big trans fat (Fries) and heavy sugar items (fries again, and things like milkshakes or malts).

    Of course, I'm still fat. If I ever drop to 15% or lower I might need to tighten up even more. When it comes time to bulk I plan on bulking the same way as I'm eating now.
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    Honestly I think the last thing skinny guys trying to bulk need to worry about is how clean their diet is. Make sure you are getting adequate protein and fats, but besides that just eat like a mofo.

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    Shocker and Spencer have the right idea, make sure you get in some quality protein and healthy fats. After that I would really just worry about calories in general.
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