ok, right now im not doing any sort of assistance work, im just doing 4X4's for several basic compound movements with the goal of increasing strength in the powerlifts. well, obviously this is only ok to do for so long and im going to have to do assistance work at some point... so here's my problem. im going to use todays workout as an example. i was supposed to do 4X4 for bench, then chin ups, then overhead press, and then some rows. this is what happened, i did the benching and chin-ups. by now im beat, partially because i literally gave 100% in the benching, the last rep of the last set was the closest ive ever been to failure without failing. but even on normal days i never do more than half the workout at once. i lift at home and i go back later to do the rest (so in a few hours ill be doing those OH presses and rows). first things first, is this ok in the long run? and also, how am i going to be able to do assistance work in the future when i cant stand to even do a basic workout like this? is 4 sets (all same weight and as heavy as possible) too much for when i want to work in assistance work? id like to add that the only times ive ever made significant gains were when i was lifting like i am now, if i actually do assistance work (like when ive tried to do some stuff that didnt work for me) i get weaker, and im starting to wonder if what im doing is keeping me from burning out my CNS... any thoughts?