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Thread: what is the difference between bulk and cut

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    what is the difference between bulk and cut

    Please, don't kill me, I used search, but couldnt find a definitve answer, so I was wondering if someone could clear. I understand what bulking and cutting are, I was jsut wondering if you guys could provide and example or something like between person A who is cutting and person B who is bulking, in terms of thier workouts and diet. Thanks in advance.

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    bulking you take in more cals then your body uses
    cutting you use more cals then you take in
    workouts don't have to vary at all
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    it's not necessary to change what you eat...
    one just changes the number of calories they take in
    during a bulk, you're in a caloric surplus's a deficit during a cut

    so person A eats 2500 calories per day 30/40/30 during a bulk
    person A eats just 2000 calories per day 30/40/30 during a cut.... same diet, smaller portions
    (simple answer)
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    A bulk is when you are in a calorie surplus by any amounts ranging from a couple of hundred upwards. you bulk to gain muscle/weight and depending on the amount of th surplus will depends on the rate of the gain. a cut is when you are in a calorie deficit and is used to loose weight. again depending on the deficit will depend on the rate of weight loss and the amount of lean body mass kept
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    Nice read. Excellent.
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    Actually when cutting you should lower the volume of your workout just a little from when you are bulking, but not by much, say 20% less.
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    The difference between bulking and cutting?

    Is english your first language dude?
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    It's all been stated.
    Bulking - more calories eaten than burned in a day.
    Cutting - more calories burned than eaten in a day.
    Keep your routine the same.
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    I'd disagree a little with the routine change. A little more volume when there is plenty of nutrients in the system is always a good thing in my mind.
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