Hi everyone, I've been looking for some bodybuilding books to read and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. For the most part my knowledge of lifting has come from this site over the years but I'm looking to get a little more serious about my training (sorry, I don't mean that as an insult, this site definatly DOES have a library of great information). I don't really know where to start. I've got Arnold Schwarzenegger's encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding (of course... but that has very little merit to it) and Ken Kinakin's Optimal Muscle Training but thats pretty much it. Can anyone recommend where to start out? some good authors maybe? I am still lifting naturally so I'm leary of anything written by a pro though (unless someone recommends it). Right now I'm mostly interested in reading more about periodization but any advice is more than welcome. Thank you in advance.

p.s. before someone says it : yes, I did search (and was actually shocked that I didn't find a thread like this already).