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Thread: Need help getting Bench Press back up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Songsangnim View Post
    As Paul Chek (and others have said) "Training to failure is training to fail"

    While a bit tongue in cheek, it does illustrate the misplaced focus. Progression, (whether that's in weight or reps, or sets, or body cetera)...that's what's most important.
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    Training to failure has its place. That place just isnt in every workout, every set. IMO its best to change your intensity throughout your sets and that does occassionally include failure. Just not every workout, every set.
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    I think you are maybe showing the signs of overtraining mate. Hitting your chest wtice a week and going to failure as much as you are.

    I had a similar problem once and cut back.

    By all means go to failure on some sets.. even beyond at times but not all the time.
    Train,train hard.Eat,eat lots and sleep even more.


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