So, I used to DJ a while back. I would spin House and Trance and Breakbeat. There are a few mixes I did earlier this year before my retirement that I thought I'd share with you guys. Feel free to download them. I listen to these a lot during my workout sessions. For me, they give me a great pump for the gym. Good 4/4 beats and strong basslines get me going. They're seamless mixes (All at least 1 hour long) of all my favorite tracks at the time. Here ya go:

This one is trance. Faster, more upbeat, has female vocals:

This one is House (Progressive house). A bit slower but good strong beats and basslines:

This one starts off kind of dark and slow but picks up throughout the mix. This is one of my favorites for some reason. Most people don't like it because it starts of dark-ish.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment or bitch about them. I always love feedback.