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Thread: Branden's Progression Journal

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    Branden's Progression Journal

    Name: Branden
    DOB: 12/15/1986
    Height: 6'0''
    Status: Attending Univeristy of Florida

    Journey: I'm just getting back into lifting, the last year and a half I have been lifting on and off, and two years before that I lifted fairly heavy for high school football. I've just now learned about diets and routines from this site and I am ready to make some real progress. I've been lifting for about 4 weeks now after joining this forum and am now just starting this journal, so I will catch you guys up on the progres.

    Monday - chest/shoulders
    Tuesday - Back/abs
    Wed - Off
    Thurs - Legs/Calves
    Friday - Arms/Abs
    (exercises vary slightly depending on which gyms are open)

    Meal 1: Oats, Milk, banana, whey 670/13/35
    Meal 2: tuna,mayo,bread milk 445/12/72
    Meal 3: PWO shake 750/18/55
    Meal 4 Sub, carrots 440/7/39
    Meal 5: Sub, peanuts 560/21/46
    Meal 6: Cottage Cheese 200/8/18
    Fish Oil 6 pills 60/6/0
    total 3115/92/265

    Creatine, Whey Protein, Dextroe, Fish Oils and coming soon some multivitamins.
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    4 Weeks ago was at 168lbs

    DB bench 60lbs x 8
    DB Incline 50lbs x 8
    SLDL 135lbs x 8
    DB Rows 65lbs x 8
    Seated Rows 150lbs x 8
    Dips BW x 7
    Close Grip Bench 115lbs x 5
    BB curls 80lbs x 7

    This week at 180lbs - with minimal or no fat gains

    DB bench 70lbs x 8
    DB Incline 60lbs x 8
    SLDL 155lbs x 8
    DB Rows 80lbs x 8
    Seated Rows 170lbs x 7
    Dips BW+25 x 8
    Close Grip Bench 125lbs x 7
    BB Curls 90lbs x 6

    I do legs stuff, but machines and exercises have varried and not much to comapre too. Also haven't encorporated squat in yet, no spotter and my gyms are very limited on the squat/bench cages, only 1 per gym. Been working on form and getting low with Hack Squats for now.
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    Today's workout

    Friday - Arms/abs

    BB Curls 90 x 6
    DB Hammer Curls 40 x 10
    Dips BW+25 x 8
    Close Grip Bench 125 x 7
    Incline curls 35 x 7
    One Arm Tri Pushdowns 55x10
    Crunches BW+45lbs x 15

    Gym closed so I didn't have time to get my side to side crunches in, also didn't do skull crushers today because this gym only has straight bars, and I just hate doing skull crushers on those bars, I do them when my other gym is open. However I'm still pleased at my progress, its the 4th week and I made gains in all my lifts in either reps or weight.

    I guess this would be a good time so explain my crappy gym situation. The good gym is only open on certain days due to it being located in our dome, and when we have events or basketball games the gym is closed. I then am forced to go to a gym which is closer but isn't that great. They only have up to 50lb DB's. The only free weights are the DB's and two Bench presses/squat cages. The other gym is mostly all free weights, only has one squat cage though. I will sometimes switch my days in my routine around to make sure the days that need the good gym get it when its open, they post the schedule ahead of time. Apparently it will be open for the next 2 weeks straight so that's a good thing.
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    I went to the gym today, but I didn't gain as much as I wanted to, however I moved up to 75lb DB's on bench and my wrists didn't hurt at all this week. I can definatly feel my pecs getting tighter.

    Work out: everythin has 3 sets
    DB bench 75 (+5) x 5 (-3)
    DB incline 60 x 8
    DB Military 45 x 10 (+1)
    DB flys 45 x 9 (+1) (I think I still need to work on form a bit)
    BB decline on smith machine 175 x 8 (+1) 2 sets
    BB upright rows 90 x 7 (+2)


    3216 cals/ 270g protein/ 78g fats/ 380g carbs

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    Allright today felt very good at the gym. I dont know why but my back seems to gain strenth and definition much faster than the rest of my body parts.
    3 sets
    DB Rows 85 (+5) x 10 (+2)
    Seated Rows 180 (+10) x 8
    Lat Pulldown 140 x 8 (+1)
    Shrugs 85 x 10 (+2)
    back extension 35 x 10
    Crunches 45 x 15 (+5)
    Side to side crunches on the decline 1 set x 10

    I'm really looking for a better way to do my obliques...maybe some side bends? I dont like using the decline thing, it's very uncomfortable. Any suggestions here would be nice.

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    Leg Day

    So today I finally incorporated Squats into my routine, this is my 4th time doing legs. I didn't do them during thanksgiving week, schedule was all messed up. However this was only smith maching squats...I'm taking baby steps. Next will I will be doing regular squats.

    Smith Machine Squats 165 x 8
    This weight was fairly easy, but was making sure the form was good.

    Leg Press 315 x 8
    I had to drop about 50lbs of weight on this because I did Squats first and my thighs were burning, since it was the first time I've done them in about a year.
    SLDL 145 x 8
    Working on form so the weight didn't go up, but the last set was fairly easy and I knocked out 9 reps.
    Leg Extension 140 x 9
    Usually I can do about 180+ on these but this machine at this gym is weird and it's much tougher than most leg extension machines)
    seated calf raises 110 x 7 2 sets
    standing calf raises 145 x 8

    My weights for my legs are still very low, but they are definatly getting stronger, I used to have huge legs so I have no doubt I will be making some huge progress here over the next couple of months.

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    Arm/Abs day

    I woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon today, from the phone ringing. My friend was calling to see if I wanted to go to the gym....Even though it was 2:00 it felt like morning to me, so I jumped in the shower to wake myself up, ate a quick apple and headed for the gym. I was extremely amazed that I had a good amount of energy despite going to the gym 20 minutes after I woke up, I actually had a good workout today.

    BB Curls 90 (+10) x 3 x 6 (-4)
    Made good progress on these, 10 extra lbs really makes a difference on curls which is why I had to drop down 4 reps.
    Dips BW+32.5 (+7.5lbs) x 3 x 8
    I've been making great progess with these,just 5 weeks ago i was only doing my bodyweight.
    DB Hammer Curls 40 x 2 x 10 Weight stayed the same on these, except I decided to only do two sets on these from now on, these kill my arms
    Close Grip Bench 135 (+10) x 3 x 6 (-1)
    It feels good to finally be able to get back to 2 45lb plates on the close grip bench.
    Skull Crushers 70 x 7
    Weight stayed the same, but had much improved form, made sure my hands were hitting my forhead and was carefull not to bring the bar behind my head but straight down to my forehead. I love this exercise.
    Incline curls 35 x 2 x 7

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    Hey Built, here is my xcel file.
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    You're telling me you can't get down to the Southwest Rec? If you've got a bike, the 'really good' gym is four minutes away, max, my friend. You're looking good with the lifts, though... stronger than me, at any rate! Good job.

    Don't ask for a lighter load. Ask for a stronger back.


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