20th Jan- 20th March: Cutting Phase (till 70kg/155lbs)
21th March- 21th June: Bulking Phase (till 80kg/175lbs)
22th June- 22 July: Maintainance phase

OK, the plan might sound a little rushed so let me explain.. I started 'cutting' unofficially 3 months before 20th Jan. Started at 175lbs with a BF of 19.8%. Due to my hectic work requirements, I lost around 15lbs of fat and at the same time packed on about 5 lbs of muscles. Best part is that I didn't even diet.. All I did was train hard as usual and did 8 hours of 'cardio' 6 times a week which gave me the results.

Right now I have resigned from my job and currently I'm slacking around (for a short while only). Thanks to all the weight I lost and newly gained muscles, it gave me enough motivation to finally go serious with my diet. Thus I have decided to really discipline myself and continue the fat lost..

I am dieting and doing consistent cardio for almost a month already, and the results so far have been fantastic. Right now I'm gonna continue this for another month before my bulking session starts (for 3 months).. Followed by a one month maintainance to see how everything goes.

Current stats..

Height- 5ft 7
Weight- 72kg (159lbs)
BF- Dunno, maybe around 10-12%

I'm still gaining muscle and strength while losing BF at the same time, judging from the mantainance of my current weight but yet I look leaner and leaner. I intend to go all the way till my abs can be seen easily, and I believe that can be achieved in 1 more months time.

I'm hitting the weights 4 times weekly, and cardio 3-4 times weekly.

Will update my workout later..