Ok, I started a journal a while back but lost track for some reason... I'm starting over. In my signature you can find a link to my fitday journal to see my eating habbits if you'd like.

Thursday - Legs
Smith Squat - 80x12, 130x12, 200x6, 200x6
Hack Squat - 240x8, 250x7, 250x5
Leg Curls (done very slowly) - 75x9, 90x6, 90x5
Standing Calve Raises - 135x10, 135x10, 135x10

I'm using the smith machine for squats because I don't have to use both arms/hands to steady the bar. My right shoulder will dislocate if I try to squat and steady a bar with my arm in that position. I know this sounds crazy, but it's happened already. I have to get surgery. However, for now, I'm squatting on the smith and keeping my right arm immobolized by crossing it over my chest. However, I can still feel how weak it is when I squat. It's rather scary. You really don't have any idea how a squat can put pressure on your whole body until you feel a loose and easily dislocated shoulder squirm from the pressure. Before anyone asks, no I'm not sitting the bar directly on the shoulder. It's resting across my traps. However, it still feels bad. But, I want to squat... shoulder dislocation or not. I'll get surgery on it as soon as I get to a weight I'm happy with.

For standing calve raises, I'm noticing that my right leg gets most of the workout for some reason. No matter how hard I try to focus the weight on both legs, I feel more burn and use in my right calve. Is there a way to isolate this? Maybe an exercise that works one calve at a time or any special tricks to make sure both calve muscles are getting equal time on the standing calve raise?