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Thread: HELP, lower back, middle back and hip pain, but no money

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    HELP, lower back, middle back and hip pain, but no money

    I have these pains in my lower back when deadlifting in one side, even with very low weight therefore i cant do any deadlifts till it gets better. My middle back is killing me right now. And my hips hurt when i walk, it feels like it is all misalliened or something. Ive head these pains for over a year.
    But here is the problem i went to the doctor and he didnt give me any help, just said i can pay to go to physio it cost $40, i cant afford that, or the $45 for chiropractic. I have NO money till i get a job. I think the doctor can give me a referal to physio or an osteopath, how do i get him to do this, so its only a very small fee like $8.
    Are there any other solutions? I can do bent over barbell rows without pain as well as chin ups, but no deadlift or squat, and i really want to do them as i am bulking.
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