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Thread: Cardio/Weight Training

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    Cardio/Weight Training

    My main goal at the moment is to tightin my stomach. I was wondering, that if i go on a high protein diet, and do cardio 2-3x a week like i have been. plus working out, do i need to cut(which im not to fond of) to get tight in my stomach or can i continue to eat high protein and my cardio will help me tightin? I also dont want to cut cause ive started making large gains in strentgh, and i dont want to stop that. Thanks in advance
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    1. you cant spot reduce fat off your stomach
    2. your either bulking, cutting or maintaining, you cant bulk up and have a tight stomach, maybe if your eating small meals every 2hrs = unpractical.
    3. Its all about your diet, calorie deficit is going to help u loose weight, excess calories is going to help you pack on mass. How well you diet and monitor everything equals how good your gains would be, either loosing fat or gaining lbm.
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