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Thread: Anything terribly wrong with this routine?

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    Anything terribly wrong with this routine?

    Damn you guys must get quuiiiiite bored of rating routines. I just want to know if there's anything drastically counterproductive here.

    day 1) squats 3-4 sets
    day 2) abs (sometimes I "forget" though and this is a rest day )
    day 3) SLDL 3-4 sets
    day 4) barbell curls, 3-4 sets, chin-ups, 5-6 sets
    day 5) bench 3 sets, skullcrushers 3 sets, military press 3 sets, incline 1-2 sets to kill of anything i have left
    day 6) i was going to do bridging here for my neck but i've been quite lazy and havent done it in like a month

    generally i try to use a weight where i get 10-14 reps on the first set, then about 8, 6, 5

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    And also if you don't mind... I'm on accutane and I'm wondering if I should not be taking creatine?

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    You would probably be better off with wbb1. Why would you have seperate days for sldl and squats? Combine them and maybe add something like calf raises. Call that day legs.

    Add deadlifts, put chinups, shrugs, maybe bent rows on that day also and call that back.

    Alternate between upper and lower days to give muscle groups time to recover. Not lower off lower upper upper off like you have now.

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    Nothing counterproductive as such, but you are kinda wasting your time.

    You could realistically cut the exercises you listed into two days - upper and lower body. Stick the ab day into whichever of those suits you best.

    You don't need a whole seperate day for SLDLs, curls or chinups. You also don't need to train your abs on a seperate day.

    Also, personally I havent found skullcrushers to be particularly useful but if they work for you then keep them in.

    You would probably also benefit from more back exercises. Incorporate deadlifts, as well as pullups. Some sort of rowing movement would help too. Use a machine or dumbells for this.

    Why not?
    Day 1: Upper
    Bench, Incline bench, Military press (maybe overkill)
    Deadlift, Rows, chins, pullups
    Finish off with some curls if you really must.

    If that day 1 is too much for you break it down into two smaller days, putting the deads and bench on different days.

    Day 2:
    Squats, SLDL, calves
    Add your abs to the end of this day too.


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