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Thread: What's a good men's weight lifting book that also discusses diet?

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    What's a good men's weight lifting book that also discusses diet?

    I'm a casual lifter right now. One book that both covers weight lifting technique (useful exercises, # of reps, frequency, etc.) along with diet (protein, carbs, etc.) would be great. I'd like to add 10-15 pounds.


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    the forum is all you need.

    Read through the diet/nutrition forum, bb/fitness *stickies*
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    Quote Originally Posted by getfit
    the forum is all you need.

    Read through the diet/nutrition forum, bb/fitness *stickies*
    Yup! Save your money and read WBB.

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    Any of my posts in the training or diet forums.

    If you're looking for a good book on training try "Supertraining" by Mel Siff. More strength related, however still a terrific read. I need to get my hands on my own copy, I read part of it at the library.
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    "Supertraining" is a great book, but it's not an easy read and I don't think it even touches diet, does it?

    There are a lot of decent books out there that discuss exercise technique and the basics of diet. "Getting Stronger" by Bill Pearl is a classic - some of the info may be dated now and I haven't read it in years, but you couldn't go wrong with it.

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    I enjoyed 'the Testosterone Advantage Plan' by Lou Schuller. Its all about diet and weight lifting for Men. Excellent read.
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    Starting Strength by Lon Kilgore and Mark Rippetoe are both great books.



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