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Thread: Novice Trying to Cut BF in half -- Too much Cardio?

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    Novice Trying to Cut BF in half -- Too much Cardio?

    Hi. I'm 18, 6'3", 218 lbs. I started lifting about 2 months ago. I have been doing cardio 3-5 times a week, abour 35 or so minutes a session on an ellipitical machine. I don't really have a disciplined diet at all right now--just whatever I can get, though I keep it lean, and a protein shake at night. I have lost 4% bodyfat in about 2-3 months, which doesn't seem very fast to me at all, and I have gained 6 lbs of body mass over all.

    My body fat is currently 21%. I want to get my body fat down to the low teens as fast as possible (2-5 months). At rest: BMR 2,256 RMR 2,094. Very Active: 3,384 3,141.

    Assuming I do a 3 day a week lifting schedule, and eat 2000-2200 calories a day (keeping a high protein diet, etc), how much cardio should I be doing?

    Would doing cardio 7 times a week be OK? I've only been lifting for 2 months, I don't imagine I have much LBM to lose.

    What would be ideal for combining cardio and lifting for maximum fat loss? 3 days a week lifting and cardio 3 days a week 30 mins a day 2000 calorie diet? or 3 days a week lifting cardio like 7 days a week 1+ hour a day, 3000 calorie diet?

    I'm very new to this and I feel I should cut my excess weight immediately before trying to lift, even if this is not optimal to building muscle mass, I would still rather lose the weight first.

    edit: I tried searching, but most people seem to be doing not a lot of cardio and more concerned with burning too many calories rather than not enough.
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