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Thread: No Deadlifts for aesthetic purposes?

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    No Deadlifts for aesthetic purposes?

    I was training over at Gold's in Venice and I ran in to Big Will Harris who is one of the top pro bodybuilders right now.

    anyway, when he asked me what I was working on I told him deadlifts and he asked "Why?" I told them were great at building muscle, etc..

    He then asked me if I was training for aesthetic purposes (or bodybuilding) and I said yes and he told me that I shouldn't do deadlifts. He said that they make your waist too wide and that you can hit all the muscles that deadlifts hit separately without making your waist wide.

    He said he's never done deadlifts and he's one of the biggest guys at the gym so I kind of took what he said to heart. But what do you think? Should someone who is looking to compete in bodybuilding include deadlifts in to his routine or should he hit those muscles with other exercises?
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