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Thread: ass to grass squats not increasing

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    ass to grass squats not increasing

    I have been uping the weight on ass to grass squats and ive added about 25 lbs or so to my squat in 6 weeks, but ive come to a halt. i can do about 215 for a hard ass set of 6, but that is my limit ive been stuck there for a couple of weeks.

    this is my leg routine, maybe new exercises ?

    squats- pyramid up to a hard set of 6
    leg ext- 3-4 sets of 6-15
    leg curls- 3 sets of 10-12
    stiff deads- 4 sets 8-15

    the final sets of each exercise are taken to failure.

    Maybe i should take a couple of weeks and go light? maybe more rest in between squat days? maybe im just not busting ass enough and need to really throw those 5 lbs on the bar?? this is how my routine is now, im thinking of adding extra days of rest.

    2 on 1 off 2 on 1 off

    day 1- seated press
    upright rows
    standing calf raises
    seated calf raises

    day 2- deads
    bb curls
    db curls

    day 3 off
    day 4- squats
    leg ext
    leg curl
    stiff deads
    calf raise

    day 5- incline barbell
    flat barbell
    skull crushers
    overhead ext.

    day 6- rest
    day 7-repeat

    Any advice on what to do ?

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    what's your diet like?
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    Change the parameters of your squatting routine. More weight for few reps. Less weight for more. Different tempos. Pause squats. Figure out your weak point. Try different squat forms. Etc.

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    You might try doing 5X5's for squats, that's what got mine to 400#. This week - 225# for 5 sets of 5 reps. If you complete all 5X5, then next week add 5 or 10 pounds; if you don't complete the 5X5, then keep the weight the same until you do. This worked for me.
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    25 lbs in 6 weeks is good. But you can't expect to see that kind of progress week in and week out. If you were to keep progressing at that weight, your squat would be going up 216 lb/year, which is somewhat unrealistic, especially after the 1st year.

    I have hit plateaus on lifts that have lasted a month or more before, but eventually they went up.

    I think you need to give it more than two weeks before you decide something definitely needs to be adjusted.

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    Y'all are going to rag on me, since I mention them so much...

    But try 20-rep squats for a few workouts. Read up on 'em, and give 'em a shot. I'm off them right now and working a 5 x 5 routine, but I credit them with much of my growth.

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    Also, work the hell out of your GMs. That's what did it for me, at least, for the most recent squat-form repair work (squat form seems to be a never-ending journey for me).


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