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Thread: Wannabebig Christmas giveaway! - Win AtLarge Nutrition products!

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    Wannabebig Christmas giveaway! - Win AtLarge Nutrition products!

    Hi everyone,

    So, how would you like to win some AtLarge Nutrition goodies for Christmas?

    I am assuming you would, so let’s crack on and explain things!

    We are running a Wannabebig Christmas competition, which gives all of our members a chance to win a range of AtLarge Nutrition products! To check out the product range see –

    Let’s start with the prizes, that’s the most important part right?


    1st Prize – choice of any 4 ALN products and a copy of Ryan “Bench Monster” Kennelly’s Road to the Arnold DVD

    2nd Prize – choice of 3 ALN products

    3rd Prize – choice of 2 ALN products

    How do you enter?

    All we ask is that you reply to this thread, with a testimonial about the Wannabebig site and the forums.

    That can be anything from how it has helped you in your fitness goals, any friends you have made whilst being here, experiences you have had etc...

    The only rule is that it has to be a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 250 words.

    Important note: We may well use the testimonial on the Wannabebig site, so by replying to this thread and entering the competition, you are also agreeing to us being able to publish the testimonial on the website.

    How will the competition be judged?

    Myself and Chris will review the entries posted and will pick a range that we will consider using on the Wannabebig website. Quite simply, out of those we will pick which we think are the best 3, ranked 1 to 3 and they will be the winners.

    By just me and Chris picking the winners, it means that the mods may also enter as well. You have our word, we will pick fairly with no bias.

    Yep, it’s a little subjective; however it’s all a bit of fun, so try not to take it too seriously if you don’t win. We are looking to make this a regular thing in 2006, so there will be many other chances to win!

    How long do I have?

    Last entry date - Tuesday 20th December. We will close the competition on that day. This will be done by me posting in the thread, letting everyone know that the time is up! So, get yours in nice and early so there’s no chance of you missing it.

    Winners announced - Wednesday 21st December. We will announce the winners in this thread on Wednesday.

    Prizes shipped - Wednesday 21st / Thursday 22nd December.

    Good luck everyone, and let the games begin!

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    AtLarge Nutrition Supplements – Get the best supplements and help support Wannabebig!

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    i get to be first i guess haha

    All my life, I've been and felt judged based on my appearance. Before becoming a part of this site, I used many drastic and unhealthy ways to lose weight. For example, during my sophmore year of high school, I crash dieted for 2 months, dropping around 30 lb. At the time, I felt great, that is until my weight rebounded. Afterwards I gave up until summer of 2005, I gained a new passion.

    When I joined these forums, I was welcomed by people who I consider to be some of the most knowledgable about lifting and dieting in the world. I learned about body fat percentages, adequate levels of nutrients needed, and figured out all my mistakes. And so in September of 2005, after a couple months of absorbing the vast amount of information that this site and forum offers, I began my transformation. Now it is December of 2005, I am 9 lb lighter, my body fat percentage dropped around to around 18% from 24.5%, and I have to say that if i had never learned about this site, it would have never happened. It is way better than any of thos popular diets of today. My life has only changed for the better since I've been enlightened here!
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    This forum has been a great help to me in many ways. I usually just browse the threads, but I have found great information on dieting, training, and supplements. Better than any magazine or gym rat I've ever talked to. Everyone here is honest, brutaly sometimes which I do enjoy. Also, everyone cares about the same thing: Fitness. Which is what I love the most. So I have gathered most of all much joy from these forums. Thanks to everyone.
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    For the first two years of my training, I just went to the gym and did my own thing. I learned a little here and there from talking to people, but I needed more. I wanted to find new ways to challenge my body, discuss different ideas about about how to get the best results, and learn about proper nutrition. I discovered Wannabebig about a year ago, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I found a community of enthusiastic and knowledgable people who shared the same motivation and drive to succeed. Since coming here, I've been able to take the information and apply to my training and it definitely shows. Thanks Wannabebig!

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    "The area of weightlifting, whether it be for powerlifting, bodybuilding, improvement in athletic performance, or as a hobby, is full of misconceptions and sometimes primitive in scientific research, but there is hope in As in any field ‘knowledge is power’, and is absolutely filled to the brim with knowledge. From articles written by professionals to polls, newsletters, quality products, and, of course, one of (if not THE) finest internet forums to be found on the web.
    6 months ago I was just another lemming in the gym following hearsay and no true form of scientific logic to create my program. After exploring and its forums for only a few weeks I gained the confidence to design my own weightlifting and nutrition program, as well as get certified as a personal trainer by a major organization (the test was easy at that point). Now after half a year of training I have gained a good 20lbs of muscle and maintained my sub-15% bodyfat, all of my lifts have gone up considerably, and I feel I even have the tools to train for any one of my university’s Division 1A sports. has supplied me with the knowledge, confidence, and also the motivation to keep working hard both in and out of the gym."

    There ya go, a nice 215 words long.
    Edit: I hope no one starts copying each other. Also when will they be reviewed? Only on December 20th? JW if it's possible to edit it later if we feel the need.
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    Even though I've only been here a short time, I've learned how to properly cut weight. For the first few months of my cut, I lifted with lower weight than I was used to, and did no cardio, as advised by my family doctor. Once I joined here, I learned how to properly balance heavy lifting and cardio work to burn fat off. I've learned the importance of specific nutrients in my diet, such as proteins, EFAs, and caloric maintenance, again correctly as opposed to advice from my family doctor. Instead of basically starving myself, I’ve learned how to accurately determine my maintenance calorie level and eat below that to burn body fat. Since the small time I’ve been here (~1 month or so), I’ve already lost around 7lbs. Without stumbling on this site (a complete accident via Google), I’m sure I’d still be eating 1200 calories a day and lifting light. The people here are an invaluable resource to people trying to get in, or stay in shape.
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    I've never really trained with any intelligence or efficiency until I started getting advice from knowledgeable members of these forums. I have always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere that has kept me coming back for better than a year and a half now.

    I honestly can tell you that when I imagine where I would be goal-wise without wbb, it is grim. I have learned most of what I know from this site, the members are very intelligent and helpful along with the articles. I can just come home from school and whatever's been bothering me can be eased by someone's dumb comment, or hilarious post. I'm on every night and never get bored.

    I have definitely made friends from this site. drew, Chubrock, Bshatz, Coke, Sylvia, xian, WBBIRL, JeffWillConquer, Tim Nissen, Connor and a few others I hope won't be offended by my typical absent mindedness. These people are who I enjoy talking with, weather it be lighthearted banter or serious training techniques. I like to read their journals, they're enlightening and fun. As we all progress together, I can't wait to see what's around the corner.

    It's amazing the sort of people you will run into here. The newbs, always eager to learn and firing off questions the more patient members continue to answer, the more experienced ones, building off their bases to become great. Of course, can't forget the battlehardened veterans, most of which are great people all around and some very, very strong. I hope to be one someday on this site.
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    Before I found this site, I was your typical fifteen year old curl jockey. I would work hard, think I was doing everything right, get advice from all the wrong people, and never see any progress. I was stumped so I decided to search the internet, and fortunately stumbled upon WannaBeBig. This discovery changed my life forever.

    Since that day, I have learned what feels like an infinite wealth of knowledge. I learned the keys to diet and calorie counting and low volume, intense training. I was stuck at 150 lbs. for what seemed like an eternity. Since I found this site I have put on over 50 lbs. of primarily muscle mass and increased my bench press and squat by over 100 lbs, and my deadlift by almost 200 lbs. With the help of this site I get steroid accusations, and people in disbelief when I tell them that I'm 16 years old. They'd never believe the secret is not drugs nor lying about my age, but a website. The best bodybuilding website, hands down.

    WannaBeBig has taught me what nobody can learn from a book, or by taking the advice of those around you. This website has the most knowledgeable members in the world. This, along with the amazing friendliness and willingness to help, WannaBeBig is a great home for any bodybuilder. With the help of this website, I have completely transformed myself. I owe everything to the people here.
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    Ive only been a member here since early this year (under another name) but Id like to give it a go...

    Since being a member here, not only have I gained mass, but more importantly, I've gained knowledge. This site has taught me more than I'd ever learn anywhere else. The reason why I know this is because the site and the people here are like me. Average people who decided to step up to the plate to get fit and take control of their lives. I've read stories and seen before and after pictures here that have made me more inspired than anything Ive read or seen. The many things I've learned here have and will continue to change my life. Because of this site, I now know that I dont have to settle on being average, that my goals are achievable, and theres people that will help me along the way.
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    WannaBeBig started my deadlift obsession. My life hasn't been the same since.

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    I began weightlifting seriously approximately four months ago. Before then, I "lifted weights" sporadically in my room which consisted of mainly curling and bench pressing. When I found wannabebig I was introduced to routines, dieting, form, and the whole world of bodybuilding in general.

    Using the routine recommended for beginners by wannabebig, I have gained over 25 pounds of mostly lean muscle mass. Recently I have also designed my own routine, and began a new workout regimen based on the knowledge I have acquired from various articles on wannabebig, and the advice of their very friendly community.

    Wannabebig has, hands down, been my most useful resource on my journey to fitness thus far.

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    I'm a whore for free stuff.....

    I've been involved in athletics my entire life, and made it as far as pitching for a college baseball team. Obviously, we hit the weightroom in the summer and fall, but with no real methodology involved. As a result, I left college still with little clue on how to put on quality muscle mass, and even less knowledge of nutrition. We obviously didn't do deadlifts, rarely squatted (pitchers mainly stuck with leg press) and did bench 4 times a week. Since I've left college, I've gone from 6'2" 185lb to 6'2" 230lb...and I still have the same waist size. 30 of these lbs have been added in the 2 years since I found WBB. I can’t even begin to describe my strength increases and improvement in dietary knowledge gained from the site and forums.

    The people who post on the forums and write articles for the site are the internet’s best database for improving your physical condition – whether you need an advice on bodybuilding competition, powerlifting, diet, even a mini-triathlon….or if you are just generally out of shape and don’t know where to start: you have a home here. There is help here available for anyone, regardless of their skill level.

    Finally, I’d like to point out that there is a sense of community here that only a handful of other websites/forums can boast. Even people who have been members only a few months would agree with me; and nearly all of them who have stayed around have made an improvement not only in their physical condition, but in friendships. How many weightlifting forums floating around out there can say that they attempted to account for all of their members during the recent rash of hurricanes? My guess is one.

    I realize I went a little bit over your stated word count – but every bit of it is true. Even if I’m not a BIG WINNER, you’re welcome to feel better about yourself as a site for it….

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    I wasted almost two years in the gym with little to no progress. Every time I looked in the mirror I worried about what I was doing wrong. Four months after finding my only worry was how to get rid of those damned stretch marks.

    If you're looking for the secret to getting big and strong, STOP! You've found it.
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    I have been on this site since I began lifting. It was the first source of fitness I ever came across, and it continues to stand strong was one of the best sources of objective fitness information on the net. This site has continually grown stronger and more informative over the past few years. People have changed but the information here hasn’t done anything but compound and help those who come seeking guidance.

    I came to this site at one hundred and forty pounds. I was eager to learn all that I could, and WBB offered more information and help than I could ever hope for. The moderators were willing to help, and everyone was very interested in my progress. Chris Mason in particular, or the Bull**** detector as he was called back then, was perhaps the most useful. It was due to him that I first achieved a 405 pound deadlift. I learned about eating correctly and training smart. I fed off the dedication of the other WBB members, and used their knowledge to feed my progress.

    There is something to be said about the benefits of conversing with others who have the same passion for fitness/bodybuilding that you do, and WBB made this possible. I learned what was necessary to achieve my goals, and realized that I was strong enough to achieve them. It is because of WBB’s influence that I am able to type this today: 65 pounds heavier, leaner, and having stood onstage displaying my progress.
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    Before I joined WBB I didn't really know how to properly workout or what foods to eat in order to gain muscle mass. I was really into bodybuilding and very motivated but everything I did was counterproductive. For example, I would work out for like two hours straight every other day doing just dumbbell presses and dumbbell curls. And legs? Didn't even do them. After working out I wouldn't even eat the right meals. I had no idea that there were even supplements one could take.

    Everything changed in January of 2001.

    That's when I become one of the first members of WBB. In just a matter of weeks I learned what foods to eat and what exercises to do.

    I speak the truth when I say that if it wasn't for WBB I would still be doing 16 sets for biceps from the Flex magazines that I used to read.

    I feel I should be be one of the three lucky winners not only because of what I wrote about how helpful WBB has been to me, but also because of all the abuse I've taken from the moderators over the last four years.

    Take my signature for example.

    I had a nice design in there with my name on it, (and that's all it had) I come back from work tonight and find that it had been edited by a moderator.

    What drives me crazy is that I don't know WHO is doing it.


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    The join date in my profile is an indicator of a defining moment in my life.
    Having just moved to Florida and not knowing a soul; I finally dedicated myself to bodybuilding.
    My father instilled in me a respect and awe for Bodybuilders and Arnold Schwarzenegger from a very young age. I had now been given the key to realize my dream of becoming one of the titans I worshiped in Magazines through finding Wannabebig.
    In the time that I have been a member here I have gone from 186lbs @ 15% to currently 243 lbs @ 12%. I have moved across the country, yet again; and left everything that I loved in the physical sense behind. Bodybuilding and THIS site have been my anchor; grounding me in turbulent times. No matter where I move; all of my Iron Brothers and Sisters that I call "true friends" are at my fingetips to share knowledge and life with. I've met some of you. Friends on here are just that in real life.
    Having looked around I can safely say that the information contained within this site is more accurate, the members are better educated and our intolerance of stupidity is unmatched.
    We have grown exponentially and will continue to do so. I owe so very much to Wannabebig.
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    I've never been pacified in myself, tormented through high school about having that little more fat than the next guy. I guess I just developed a complex, I pretty much hated myself, how I looked - how other people looked at me. Kind of petty in reality, but I digress. I wanted to change myself, I want to stand in front of a mirror naked and be happy.

    I would do as many chins and push ups as I possibly could everyday, go from eating extremes - eating nothing to just plain gorging. I saw nothing. I was still dissapointed to look in the mirror. So I found Wanna Be Big. I read the articles, and within a short while I joined the forum - where I keep a journal of my weight gains and lift goals, where I'll receive a fantastic amount of positive feedback. Its great for those days you think 'I'm going nowhere, what the hell am I doing?'. Its great to a get a bit of props from someone twice your size, or anyone at all for that matter.

    Thanks Wanna Be Big, fantastic members and a great community. All the inspiration and information I'll ever need!

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    WBB has been a golden needle in an Internet haystack. There are a lot of sites out there that provide so much useless and incorrect information or trying to sell products. But WBB is different because of the community - the community of friends, peers, narcissists (in a good way), competitors and knowledgeable allies. Even when the occasional thread response is inaccurate, someone steps up and corrects it - sometimes harshly, sometimes with humor, but mostly educational. No matter what phase of lifting you are in (newbie, experienced, powerlifter, bodybuilder or old workhorse), you can find useful information on lifting, eating or life. Or sometimes even better, you can provide an outlet for your own experience and knowledge.

    Keep it up WBB and WBB Community - keep pushing each other, keep educating us, keep asking the questions, keep up the humor, keep building our bodies, our brains and our spirit.

    Hopefully that's not too mushy... but I want to see if Built will really shed a tear. And this mush is from only a 6 month lurker, 2 month contributor... I can't wait to see the threads from the old farts (thousands of posts) on WBB.

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    This is a really cool idea.

    As a Newbie I would have to say that has not only helped me out in finding answers to questions that I have, but it has also allowed me to meet some really cool, and genuine people. I figured that I would post a question and A) either not get a response or B) or be made feel so stupid that I would never want to post again. But much to my suprise I started receiving awesome answers, and the people who replied seemed to have a real interest in learning more about ME. It seems to me that the majority of memebers are truly dedicated to the sport and trying to guide and help people, like me, reach goals that I don't think would be reached without the support of so many fellow wannabe's. If you have a need, it can probably be met at has become a family that I have never had.
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    I came to WBB in early 2002 in search of tips for my deadlifting form. What I found instead was an active, intelligent, inspiring, occasionally irritating and often funny community of fellow trainees, from an incredible range of backgrounds and locations.

    Once of the most telling things that speaks to the nature of the membership here is that every single “online friend” from WBB that I have met has been someone I could enjoy spending time with in person as well. I have shared (high protein) meals, watched TV, swilled beer, gone dancing, attended concerts, pumped iron, played sports, and discussed everything from training to relationships to obscure philosophy with WBB members. This isn’t to say everyone here gets along perfectly with everyone else, but a little friction is healthy for a community. Those that go beyond friction into disruption don’t last long once our members and our crack moderating team get hold of them.

    The value of anything in your life is measured by its impact on your life. This community has helped me to greatly increase my store of knowledge about training as well as providing advice and encouragement towards improving my lifts in the gym and the appearance of that handsome fella in the mirror. Perhaps more importantly, the community here has taught me how to research and learn for myself about training, so I can make my own decisions in an informed manner. I would say that WBB has been of tremendous value to me.

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    Before finding this site I was in the same boat as the average joe. I was 18yrs old and 138lbs. As you can imagine I didn't exactly look forward to the weight room in high school. The only information I had was from the occasional football player who trained arms and chest every day. Then I found Not only have I surpassed those football players in physical condition despite my inferior genetics, but my knowledge of diet and training has increased ten fold. The facts I’ve picked up here concerning diet and training will continue to benefit me for the rest of my training life, and the others who receive information as I did, passed on by experienced members of wannabebig. Once the information you can learn here is put to use other benefits will surely come with it. These external benefits include increased confidence, self belief, and persistence in everything you do.
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    Great site great people! What more can be said?

    I came here with absolutly 0 knowledge of how to workout and how to eat correctly. Now I have began the journy to transformation and it's all thanks to this website! I use everything from the tips to the workout routines, this site has it all!

    Great job, and keep the site alive!
    Thank you.

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    I was once one of the many unfortunate people who were constantly struggling to gain control of their weight and finally be able to have their life together only to face a Fitness industry who thrives on misconceptions, misinformation, and sets you up to fail. I tried it all, from aerobic classes to even hiring a personal trainer. Instead of helping me, they put me on a horrible workout, really long cardio sessions, I lose a few pounds, keep going for a bit, and maybe lose a few more, but I'm exhausted. I can no longer sustain it; it is just too damned hard to keep doing that to your body. My metabolic rate drops from all the cardio, I wear out, get injuries, get sick, and so I quit. Until one day I ran into At first I was skeptic, your telling me I am going to get great information and for free! Please, this is unheard of. Sure enough, 3 months later I am raving on how great this site is. I will always be grateful to for giving me the tools to succeed such as the great information on diet programs, exercise workout routines, and an awesome community that features many knowledgeable members who are always willing to help anyone in need. In the short span of 3 months I have progress from 240lbs at 25% body fat to 220lbs at 20% body fat and have never been happier.

    Edit: Needed to make some corrections.
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    Back in 1999, a day after Christmas my father passed away from heart disease. A few months before that, the doctor told him to lay off fatty foods. Well, he didn't, and it helped put him in his grave. I struggle with being over weight, not obese, but over weight. I seeked help, i went to doctors, they put me on strict medicine, and dieting. I did so, and didnt really lose any weight, I guess the diet wasn't right. So, i seeked more help, I came here. I was told it was a great site to help me get in shape, and it is! I've met people like Built, that is a women who knows her stuff. Also people that are from ATN that are here, are GREAT help as well. I have been asking many questions, and this site has never turned me down, this site has always lead me in the right direction! If you are looking to get into shape, dont go to a doctor, come to this site. They will steer you in the right path!


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