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Thread: Boy, you're gonna carry that weight...

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    Boy, you're gonna carry that weight...

    So it seems I find myself in the shape that I am after F'ing off for the last semester, (pizza, beer, chipotle, the likely suspects), and Im going to change it. Its this whole life change thing that is really inspiring, as well as a man called Louis Dorman and his awesome transformation I read about on the forums. So, heretofore, on this nineteenth day of December, two thousand five, I begin my first journal of any kind.

    So I actually began to diet a few days ago, based on the T-Dawg 2.0 scheme, and its been going pretty well. Get alot of ribbing from the amount of eggs I eat, but oh well. Today, however, was a cheat day, as I havent spent a dinner with the parents in a few weeks, and my dad made lasagna. I feel guilty

    Im really intrigued by this Chad Waterbury character I keep reading about, so Im gonna use his Anti Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Progam first. Its a cycled 10x3 program for those of you cats who arent farmilar with it. 30 mins of cardio each morning.

    Lifted the prescribed first day, and I was sore the next. Went to go to the gym tonight, and, aparentlly, my gym closes at 3 on Sundays. Honestly, who closes at 3? I felt guilty.

    Needless to say, Im quite excited to get back into BBing, and I really want to get into shape. Looking at myself in the mirror actually makes me sad lately, even after I upped my antidepressant dosage, haha. (Yes, folks, I am on AD's, and I feel no stigma attatched to it. If you have any questions, Id be happy to answer them as best I can).

    I feel motivated and excited, and when Im tempted to cheat, I come here and look at transformation pics, so if anyone has any suggestions on real good trans, let me know. Ill post more info on diet/training when I have more time. Wish me luck.


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    Good Luck Confuseus...
    I haven't read the Chad character.. but the WBB routines are a great place to start also...

    Happy Holidays..


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