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Thread: Nagging shoulder pain

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    Nagging shoulder pain

    With my current routine, my shoulder never seems to quite recover fully. Workouts often end with some kind of mild pain or discomfort in at least one of my shoulders. And this is all without any over head pressing or shoulder isolation, just standard compounds such as different angle benching, rows, pull downs, and a few isolation exercises thrown in such as curls/push downs etc. My over all volume is about the same as used in WBB1.

    Given that my shoulders seems to be pushed to the brink of injury with my current routine, is it possible that I don't need to be doing any shoulder isolation? If that's not the case, does anybody have any ideas as how to change my training to better focus on my shoulders without risking injury? I'm at the point where I am sometimes even being forced to reduce intensity/volume on push/pull movements, let alone doing military presses.

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    This article might help you, it has a decent section on shoulder flexibility and preventing injuries.

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    Why dont you stop working shoulders until they heal?

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    Do some research on Shoulder Impingement Syndrome then get with a good Physical Therapist who specializes in shoulders.

    Shoulders are second only to the the back as far as areas of the body that you do not want to mess with.


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