I'm coming to the end of my first consistent bulk. For the past one and a half years, since I started training, my diet has been all over the place, lacking any consistency in either bulking or cutting, and only over the past 3 and a half months have I been bulking consitently. I'm not sure whether to stop bulking and start cutting in a few weeks time. Naturally I'm about 8-10% bf. Since September I've gone up to roughly 13-14%, you can still just about see my abs. I have no experience of how quickly I can lose weight so I'm not sure when to start my cut for summer. I want to be down to 8% by April, and hopefully 6% by July. Any idea how long this might take. I know you can never really know till you try it yourself. The trouble is I'd still like to gain mass (who doesn't?), but I want to be at 8% bf by April more than anything. So bearing in mind that I'm pretty ectomorphic, how long would it take to get from say 14% bf to 8%?

Here are my stats:

bulking cals 4000-5000

Height 6'4"

Squat 6x275 parallel

Deadlift 3x360

Bench 6x225

I'd say I look as I should for performing those lifts, just to give you an estimate of my size since I have no pics. Sorry that's not very helpful I know.
Also anyone know much about UD 2.0?