I've lurked here off and on for quite some time and finally decided to make an account because I need opinions.

I've been working out for only a year, and only for the most recent 6 months have I been really trying to get better at it.

I've always been a runner and, truthfully, I prefer running to lifting. However there is no doubt that my body has changed in the past year and I like it. I'm increasing my focus on lifting as much as I can as I get stronger.

Because I run, I avoid working my legs out. At all. I get the impression that is very frowned upon here. Let's say I run ~30 miles a week, including some hills. I feel my legs are pretty muscular because of this. However maybe I'm fooling myself.

Can I avoid working my legs and have the running take care of them?

What I'm struggling with is time. In an ideal world, I could focus completely on becoming a better runner and also completely on getting my body built perfectly through lifting. Unfortunately there's only so much time in the day and so I have to pick and choose how I work out.

Right now I lift 4 days a week; for 2 days I do biceps, shoulders and back, and for the other 2 days I do chest, triceps and abs. I'm sure you can tell that I am in no way hardcore about this, yet I do want to improve and just be sure that I'm not wasting time on things that aren't going to really help me.

Another thing I'm afraid of is that if I suddenly add a lot of leg exercises to my lifting routine, my legs are going to be sore for a week or two and that's going to impede my running. I run almost every day. I know that's only a temporary problem.