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Thread: My Routine, Lacking Biceps, Shoulders & Traps

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    My Routine, Lacking Biceps, Shoulders & Traps

    here is my weekly routine, basically i am lacking on my biceps, shoulders & traps, but happy with everything else. could i possibly cram more bicep, shoulder & traps in the mix somewhere?


    day 1 legs
    leg press/4/8-12
    calf raises/4/10
    leg extensions/4/8-12
    leg curl/4/8-12

    day 2 chest
    incline bp/4/8-12
    db flat bench/4/8-12

    day 3 OFF

    day 4 back
    overhand chins/4/failure
    lat pulldown/3/12

    day 5 shoulders/bi's/tri's
    shoulder press/4/8-12
    side raises/4/8-12
    standing curl/4/8-12
    reverse curl/4/8-12
    press down/4/8-12

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    I'd throw some deadlifts in there, maybe on chest day or something. Those will definitely help with your traps.

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    Read the sticky at the top of this forum.
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