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    Hi, Im trying to get into a weight lifting regime, but my joints always feel stiff and prevent me from realy being able to preform a decent workout. I also often feel to tired or weak to excercise. Im 17, im physically fit and was wondering if there are any suppliments or techniques I could make use of to energise.


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    How's your diet and sleep?
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    There are plenty of supplements and stuff to take, but try to fix it before going to supplements. I'm 17 in about two weeks, and went to a doctor for a similar thing. (Just really tired all the time, no energy or pump etc.) But it turned out to be just my sleeping plan, which during the summer, I was going to bed between one and four, and getting up at 12 or 1, wasting the entire day, and not eating for about 16 hours out of the day. I was beating myself up for no reason. For energy now days, I only sleep for 8 - 9 hours, and eat a bowl of oatmeal, with nitrean protien mixed in, 3 - 4 egg whites, and a glass of water with fish oil, vitamin C and multivitamins when I get up. I really notice that gives me a boost of energy, and just being more active. I feel great.

    So over-all, my advice would be just have a short talk with your doctor, see if it's just a quick fix, clean up your sleeping / eating habits.. (i don't know what they're like already) and then if that isn't working, look into supplements. There are supplements for just about everything so you shouldn't have trouble finding something, haha.

    Cheers, Brad.
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