Hi all.
I've been going to the uni gym now for quite a while, and have decided that (for my workout) i don't really need any of the equpiment in there save for a bench, seat, squat cage, and dip bars (i do free weights mostly).

I've also been looking around for a squat rack/cage that i could buy, most are pretty damn expensive. A few sites detailed how to make a DIY squat rack for not too much money. Some were wood, some were steel.

As well as this, i came across a few other decent ideas for making home gym equipment. Eg, making a mold and setting cement into plate shapes instead of spending ****loads on proper metal plates (hell, even the ****ty water filled plastic ones at kmart are expensive).

So, just wanting to know if anyone here has made their own gym equpiment, or knows of any plans / good links to places on the subject?

I like the idea of having my own space for working out, no waiting, no pricks that spend more time talking and less time lifting, no s-club 7 while i'm squatting etc etc.

What i'm looking at having are the following:
Squat cage
Dip bars / station
Seat (adjustable would be nice, but not sure how you'd make one)
Vanilla bar, ez bar, 2-4 dumbells

Power rack plans
Plans for a Squat Rack