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Thread: Oly Bar - Trap Bar Deadlift Ratio

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    Oly Bar - Trap Bar Deadlift Ratio

    hey guys i'm just curious which one is easier to do deadlifts with?
    i'm guessing that it's the trap bar.

    and for the people who've done both, how much easier it it to deadlift with the easier bar than the more difficult bar? could you please post some numbers? thanks.
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    10-20% easier with a trap bar.

    The journal / I live here.

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    its a ton easier because the weight isnt in front of you, its right in line with your body, and its easier to hold.
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    are deadlifts with a trap bar as effective as those with an oly?
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    Is a trap bar the diamond-shaped bar you stand in the middle of?
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    I've seen trap bar used to describe both a 'trapezoidal bar', which is the diamond one you stand inside of when using it, and also to describe a 'shrug bar' which is like an olympic bar that juts out in the middle so you can keep the bar closer to the body.

    Really, both put the weight in about the same plane of motion, but a true trap bar isn't nearly as long and may be easier to balance for some people.

    Both should weigh the same as a standard olypmic bar.


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