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    what do u guys think of full body routines?
    "Discipline is never an end itself, only a means to an end." - Robert Fripp

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    Through my experience I have found a muscle group split better for me..

    I have tried 2 full body routines a week, or upper body, lower body etc... I always felt it was either a caseof doing too many sets to completely work the muscle or being in the gym too much.. That or I would cut down the sets alot and felt it was to low... I never really made many strength gains...

    I much prefer to concentrate on say push muscles or pull muscles in a workout...

    Thats just me though.. I am sure there are people out there that grow from them

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    Due to bad times, I am not having enough time to hit the gym. The calories I save by working out lesser has helped me in getting bigger without eating too much or taking too many supplements.

    I did this routine today (still refining):

    Bench press 12, 5
    Incline Bench 8
    T-bar row 12
    Squat 20, 12
    SLDL 12, 8
    Reverse grip pull down 10
    Tricep pulldown 10
    Barbell curl 8
    Weighted Situps 10
    Side bends 10

    Bench press, squat and rows had 1 warmup set each.

    Took less than 1hour.

    Next time I would reduce the double work sets for bench, squat, SLDL to single.

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    i've heard some people believe the body recovers better as a whole with no overlap.
    "Discipline is never an end itself, only a means to an end." - Robert Fripp

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    I think they suck ass. The only time I've used them is when I'm not getting sleep due to work. They suck. If you work any bodypart hard, you won't be able to do anything for anything else. I guess if you took it moderately with each bodypart it'd be alright, but who wants to take it easy in the gym?

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    I have found that a full body routine done properly can be a killer workout,I wouldn't suggest doing them for too long due to the amount of stress they place upon the body.

    So don't rule it out
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    I do a workout almost exactly like this one......
    I've made some VERY VERY noticeable gains, everyone is asking what I've been "taking" !

    I'm NOT saying this method is better! There are innumerable weight training options, and no "one" is best! People respond differently to different training protocols!
    Like Mac Sloan said...."don't rule it out" !


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    Some people do very well using a full body routine a couple/three times a week.

    The key is to make the workout effective by eliminating movements that are redundant.

    For example, this might be a good one:

    OHP, 2x12
    Chin 2x12
    Dip 2x12
    Row 2x12
    Squat 1x20
    Pullover 1x20
    (Rest for a few minutes)
    SLDL 2x15
    Calf raise 2x15

    3 times a week, add weight to everything each workout... espicially focusing on the squats.

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