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Thread: weird shoulder/trap pain....

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    weird shoulder/trap pain....

    ok when it happened the first time i blew it off.... but now it's happened to the other side and it's starting to piss me off. the pain i'm getting feels like a kink half way between my shoulder and neck similar to when you sleep on your shoulder wrong. it's not exactly a constant pain.... but turning my head about 75% in any direction will cause it to hurt. it doesn't start during or shortly after a workout. it acutally seems to start about 2 days after working shoulders/back. usually with a kink it will feel better in a few days with heat and stretching, but this time it seems to persist for more than 2 weeks. anyone heard of anything like this? know anything else i can do? thanks in advance for your help.......

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    I have had similar pain, however mine did not stick around for that long. You may have pulled or partially torn (doubtful) a ligament or underlying muscles. I guess it could also be a neck problem (since you are saying it hurts when you turn your head both ways. Like anything else, ice it periodically and avoid movements (shrugs) that would aggrevate it, or just go light on them.. if it persists, go to the doc.
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