okay i need some help, trying to understand somthing. Okay i am always watching what i eat, and i always eat at least 6 times a day sometimes 7 or 8 usually everytime is about 350 to 400 hundred calories, which works for me okay. What i am trying to do is build lbm without build my fat levels at the same time. So this is were i need some kind of explantion, okay i can eat like i do for say a month, and build mass but also but on fat. However if i take a day in the week and and for one or two of my meels just go nuts and consume like 800 to 1000 cals for each of those two meals, and i do that for a month i find that i but on more lbm and actually drop some fat. And im not complaining at all i think is awesome i just wanted to understand why this would happen.