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Surely this was NOT an insult to him. It was more a compliment in fact. I was kinda shocked that he knew all this and only beeing 15 years old.
Well that's good to hear. I knew it could be taken either way, so I didn't want to jump down your throat, but rather enforce the thought that we have some great members of various ages here with a lot to offer.

My point about your routine is that it needs to be rounded out a little better. Not that working arms is bad, its just that the great majority of us don't need to dedicate an entire workout to just bis and tris. It's really a waste of valuable time.

Consider this, when you do bench press, or any pressing movement, you're working your tris and shoulders. And any pulling movement, such as those done on back workouts, works your bis. I think a better use of time would be to dedicate one day to chest (add tris), back (add bis), and legs. You can throw in a few sets at the end of your workouts for arms, on the appropriate day. But your main focus should be on the larger muscle groups.

And please work your legs. Not just for the fact that people look stupid when they have a built upper body, and stick legs. But also for that fact that working your legs will actually help benefit your upper body gains. There are numerous articles that address this if you have any questions on that subject.