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Thread: Need help and advice on routines

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    Need help and advice on routines

    I recently decided to take up lifting to bulk up and get more muscular. I'm 6' .5'' tall an weight 158 lbs. I row on my school crew team so i burn anywhere from 1000 - 2500 calories every morning. Due to a former weight problem I have trouble eating enough to get me an extreme amount of caloires over the amount im burning in the morning.

    What I am really trying to accomplish is a more toned upper body, larger arms and chest and abs. I need some nutritional and work out routine advise on what will help accompish this the quickest/ most efficiently. thanks

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    Welcome aboard...

    Check out these links to the WBB programs:
    They should get you great "tone" in the shortest time.. and with great strength..

    As for Eating.. most people recommend checking out
    create an account and start checking your current diet...
    Then you can start to add additional calories...
    Most folks around will suggest to eat more, try good protein (like this and drink lots of milk..

    Lots of information on WBB.. do some searching, your may find a lot of answers..

    Good luck on your progress..


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