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Thread: Need knee problem advice...

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    Need knee problem advice...

    Hi guys

    Never had any sort of knee problem before so the fact that I twisted my knee is really bothering me. My knee feels relatively unstable, and when i bend and extend it it is always popping, like it's not entirely in the right groove. I did this a week ago and it does feel more stable then before will it ever be back to normal? I went to the dr and he said I didn't need an x-ray, he said that i probably roughened up part of the kneecap and that is causing a little friction when i extend my knee and that it will heal just fine.

    Anyone ever been through this before? Did you heal up normally or is this something I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life? I'm 27 by the way.

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    Go to another doctor. Preferably an orthopaedic doctor. It could be nothing, but if you feel unstable, it might be a problem. Get the necessary treatment.

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