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    Hi Im 20 Started Goin Gym 3-4 Times A Week An I Need Help Cos I Really Am Dedicated But I Dont No What Exercises I Need To Be Doing Basically I Can Bench About 40 Kg Which Is Nothin I Know But Any Tips On Building Arms For Arms Chest And Biceip An Tricep Basically Upper Body Cos My Legs An Thighs Etc Are Quite Strong Please Could Any1 Tell Me What Days I Should Be Doin What And What Exercises Because I Need Help Thing Is I Set My Mind To It And My New Yrz Aim Is To Bulk Up Cheerz Any Help Will Be Greatly Apreciated

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    Quite simply have a look at wbb#1, ready the sticky with vids of the exercises.
    It's worked for me and many others.
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    Current Weight 200lbs

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    With a little from:
    WBB #1
    EC Stack
    Advice from WBB members

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    Here are the WBB programs.. start with WBB#1 for 4 months or so.. and watch your success.. then start experimenting.. changing your program for your desired results..

    And here is a great resource for learning about the different exercises for different bodyparts:


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