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Thread: Getting Ready for Calfornia..

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    Getting Ready for Calfornia..

    I'm a former athlete, graduated last year. But got into the working world and stopped exercising and starting eating horribly. I'm now a little ashamed of far I have let my body slip and want to take back control. I have started tracking my diet on fitday and plan to use this journal to keep myself honest and to allow others to chime in to help out if they want.

    The goal is to be back in shape by the Summer. Im moving to San Francisco(NO HOMO) for law school this summer and I gotta get my body right. In shape people look better and better looking people get more opportunities.

    Here are my before pics:

    I will update new pics every Sunday so I can hopefully see progress

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    No pics. YOu gotta have more posts in serious forums before you can post.
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