For any on here that know about cars, and the pain they bring. I have a 00 Mitsubishi Galant. 75,000 miles, I keep it clean, oil changed, trans fluid changed. Never had a problem with it until earlier this week. The heat died.

My old man and I looked it over, changed the thermostat. The engine heats up fine, but no heat. The blower fan works etc.

One weird thing though. This morning I was looking at it, had the car running in park. I turned the defroster setting on, and it stalled out. I was low on coolant from changing the thermostat yesterday, so I bought some and filled it up. This time it didnt stall, but when I switched to the defrost setting it kind of idled funny for a second. No problems idleing on any other setting though.

Any ideas?

Oh yeah. There is no coolant leaking, or leaking on the passenger side. So I dont think the heater core is leaking. It might be busted?