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Thread: Squat rack, to buy or not to buy?

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    Squat rack, to buy or not to buy?

    So i waited 2 months for my new bench with built in squat rack to arrive, and now i find out theyve cancelled the order and no longer stock that bench. So i have to look elsewhere.
    I dont have the space to get a full cage/power rack so what i was thinking was maybe getting just a small squat rack and a flat bench so i can still use it to squat and bench, is it possible to use a squat rack as a barbell holder for benching?

    the squat rack i was looking at is this one-

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    I use my squat rack for benching, squats and dips. That looks fine.

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    Why dont you just get a bench with squat rack? Walmart has one for 100, its golds something, just search It is a pretty nice bench,i have it.
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    I use my squat rack for squats, military press, and bench press. Works like a dream.

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    i have a Golds Gym one from Walmart.Comes with a lat bar and u can just switch the two things to the other side and just squat. It was $107. The weights didnt come with it so i bought like a set for $100
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    because it would cast a fortune to get it sent over to the UK :P

    like i said thats what i was origanally getting- a york 540 bench, but ive been waiting 2 months for it to arrive and now i i cant find anywhere which has them in stock.

    @risk10k how do you use a squat rack for dips? that would be useful as i have no proper way of doing them atm


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