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Thread: Forearm building

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    Forearm building

    Wat are the best exercises to build forearm muscle and strength. I've been doing those lifts with my wrists where my elbows are at 90 degrees and my forearms are straight laying on my legs. Im just wondering if there is anything else, or anything better?

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    Deadlifts are great forearm builders. I have 14" forearms and get all of my forearm work from deadlifts.

    You can also try wrist rollers and wrist flexion/extension with a barbell.

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    look at the articles on maki just wrote one called the WBB Toolbox and it has a great forearm exercise in is the link:
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    Chin-ups and Pull-ups, followed by deadlifts and BB Rows with a pronated grip.
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    My forearms have beefed up noticably from Reverse BB Curls (now Reverse EZ-Bar Preachers) and Behind The Back Wrist Curls.
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    You can try the Zottman Curl

    Curl two dumbbells like any other bicep curl then while they are at the top of the motion (biceps contracted) move your palms outward to face away from you then bring the hands down and to your sides. Does mostly bicep but also develops your forearms.
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    Deadlifts, static hold, and grippers.
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    Anything involving you keeping a tight grip will build your forearms really. For direct work i've found reverse curls, wrist curls and gripper work has hit my forearms real hard, closing in on 14" now.

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    Building muscle: Any non-isometric work like reverse curls and grippers
    Strength: static holds and farmers walks

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