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Thread: Need expert adivice

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    Need expert adivice

    Ok i want to lose fat and gain muscle. What is the best way to do this and what type of diet is good for this. I tried to search the forums but didnt really see anything that caught my eye.

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    LOL! That's because it's about as possible to lose fat AND gain muscle as it is to turn lead into gold.

    What is your diet like now? If you don't know, track on for a week and post up your average grams of protein, carb and fat and total calories, along with your weight, height, age, and LBM (rough idea of % bodyfat is required here).

    Also, what your exercise routine is like now.

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    Expert Advice...
    Follow what Built says!!!

    Lift hard, Eat Right, Sleep enough...

    And try the WBB programs:

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