The short:
I've got "chronic" back pain, between the shoulder blades. I started getting it after I started lifting, what some may call, heavy weights. Is there any correlation?

The long:
I got back into lifting about 4 years ago. The 1st year, all i did was bench (not smart - I know). Bach pain started. Chiro told me that it was because I was overdeveloping my shoulders / chest, "pulling" my shoulders forward, putting stress on my back. Made sense, so I started lifting back as well.
Pain only seemed to get worse as my lift weights went up even though my back is now far more developed than my chest.

Chiro only provides temp relief. Went to the doc and he was pretty much useless.

It's gotten to a point where I'm strongly considering walking away from the weights altogether.

Any experience or educated opinions on the subject?