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Thread: Favourite Nutrition Books??

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    Favourite Nutrition Books??

    Hey guys, what are some of your favourite books on dieting and nutrition
    for bodybuilding and strength training?

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    uh... how about this web site? Books are out of date. Where can you find up to date, day to day, information about bodybuilding? What book can you ask any question about nutrition and weight lifting? Oh yeah

    I would just read on here like crazy and ask some thoughtful questions.

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    I am reading Food for Fitness by Chris Carmichael. He is Lance Armstrong's fitness trainer. I got it at the library. It is packed full of great information for all types of training. Gives some really good sample menu's. A good read.
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    Lyle mcDonald does a nice job explaining things in his books on dieting.

    For lifting, I'd go with Keys to Progress by McCallum, Facts and Fallacies by Siff.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    For health anything with Sam Graci.


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