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Thread: Calorie Breakdown

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    Calorie Breakdown

    I'm reading all kinds of different information on this so I want to see what advise some of you people give. I have improved my intake 100% from what I was doing but still need to fine tune it...I'm 247 lbs. and always bulking (so alittle fat don't scare me)
    A guy in another forum said I needed...
    4000-5000 cal. (thats almost like eating a baby
    350-375 pro.
    500 carbs
    50 fat
    But in one of my earlier post on this site recomended 125 grams of fat. Some opinions would be truly helpful. I eat really clean so the kind of food is no problem, just the amounts.
    And also if I add more fats in my diet please recomend a time of day to consume most of these fats...(I lift at 4:00 in the afternoon on lifting days)

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    Yeah, more fat. You can drop some carbs to substitute the calories.

    You weigh 250~, so yeah, I'd be trying to get 125g per day.

    ****, I'm 100lb lighter and I get 120g fat most days
    Poo is also LBM - The Built

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    use these

    protein atleast 1-15g of protein per pound of lean body mass
    fat atleast 0.5 g of fat per lean pound of body mass

    fill the rest of your calls with a mix of protein carbs and fats. i was bulking on 4-5000 cals while my weight was at 220 so ures should be atleast 5000 cals
    my journal

    weight 202 - (bf around 14%)
    Bench - 286
    deadlift - new pr on the 23/12/06 190 kilo (430 pound)
    squat - 264 ATF


    200 pound at 10% bf by next summer


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