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Thread: Cutting diet for me?

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    Cutting diet for me?

    hello everyone. yes I know there are a lot of cutting diets on this forum but I can't seem to find one that is for me. I bulked up from 160lbs to 194lbs in a year (yeah I know it's slow) but I only wanted to get to 200lbs before I started cutting. Before my my diet consisted of around 4000 calories daily like this:
    Meal 1: 100g oatmeal 1 cup eggs 1 orange
    Meal 2: 32oz milk, 2 slices bread, 4 tbsp peanut butter
    Meal 3: 8oz chicken, 2 slices bread
    meal 4: weight gainer shake
    Meal 5: 8oz steak, 2 cups brocolli, 1 potatoe(sp?)
    Meal 6: bedtime protein shake.

    here is my body composition:
    6'1" 24 years old, 194lbs
    Bench: 3 sets 205x6 (haven't tried more)
    Squat: 3 sets 185x8 (same as above)
    DL: : 3 sets 185x6 (again)

    I am pretty comfortable in what I can lift now, but I want to begin my cutting diet. I bought some hydroxycut which I haven't taken yet, but I had a friend tell me it's great. I have the mega men multi vitamin and I also bought some green tea extract. I am clueless on what to eat when for the cutting stage. I know I have to start doing alot of cardio, but again, I have no idea to what extent. I am afraid that I'll loose some muscle mass from cutting or whatever, but from what I've read, that goes alot with it. So I figure I need a high protein, low calorie diet. not VERY low calorie, but a few hundred below what my body burns normally? I know it's going to be a slow process, but I figure if I start now, i can have my lean body ready for the summer. Any feedback is appreciated. If you guys could map out something I could eat daily or point me to a website I'd be much appreciative. Thanks alot you guys rock

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    just subtract 500 calories from your diet now, that will lead to a lb a week
    make sure your protein is at 1-1.5g\lb LBM and fats at least 0.5g/lb.. throw whatever else you want in it
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    You can eat the same food you do now but just eat smaller portions (as long as your eating nutrient dense food). Thats what works for me.

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    Yeah I am tracking caloric intake now. For some reason though, my fats seem really low. I calculated like 70g fat, 300carb, and 250 protein. I think the problem I am having is that I don't know what foods have that will offset deficits.

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    Put your foods into fitday ahead of time, and fiddle with the amounts until you get the mix you want.

    On a cut, you're fighting hunger, so maybe drop the carbs a bit and crank up the fats.


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