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Thread: Help me get back in football

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    Help me get back in football

    All right folks, this is my first time posting but I've been browsing for quite a while. Must be the most knowledgable group of characters anywhere, so I need your help.

    I played Div 1 college ball, and got picked up as a free agent in the NFL. Right before I left, I tore my rotator cuff, which obviously spooked the team I was heading to. To make a long story short, the football opportunities faded fast, and after a couple of shoulder surgeries (re-injured in rehab) my options faded. I went to my "back-up" career, but have always longed for the game. I've been lifting regularly, with more of a body-building routine than a football performance routine, and still sprint as if the coaches were always on my @ss. I got a call from an NFL Europe agent, who knows me, and he says if I get back in football shape, I might have an opportunity. I have several "football" routines lying around, but I need some help. There is a conflict with a lot of Strength and Conditioning coaches about lifting, and how often. Some say 4 lifts a week, upper, lower, upper, lower, some like a 3-day split.

    Here is the routine I have planned out, simply from past experience, and knowledge of a certain NFL team's schedule.

    My stats:

    Age 26, Weight 280, Height 6'6", Squat 405, Deadlift 515, Power Clean 275, Bench 385 (225 rep test x 29), 40 time 4.92

    Diet: eat everything, but more precisely 4500 cals, 350g protein, 500g carbs, 200g fat.


    Bench Press 4 x 5
    Incline 4 x 5
    Shoulder press (military) 3 x 6
    Dips 3 x failure
    Lat raises 3 x 8


    Speed Cleans
    Squats 5 x 5
    Box Jumps 3 x 20
    Leg Extensions/Curls 3 x 10

    Wednesday OFF


    Hang Snatch
    Rows/Upright Rows


    Power Clean
    Deadlifts (as power clean gets heavier, I revert to these)
    upright rows
    calf raises

    What do you think? Saturday is reserved for supplemental lifts that I missed (including lat pulldowns, rear delts, back extensions, shrugs, etc.) Sunday is for sprints and speed training, Wednesday for plyometrics. I need to increase my squat and my bench, my squat being the emphasis. I am tall, and can't lift as much on a parallel squat, but that's how we are tested, and that's how I do it. Thanks again for reading this, your feedback is very important to me.

    Also, I've been doing a "work each body part once a week split", so will doing legs/arms twice a week really help? Thanks!
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    That looks all right, but I question that you're not doing more back and rear delt stuff on Monday. You don't need all of the pressing and dipping. Your shoulders are at a premium given your sport and there's only so much tearing up they can handle.

    Are those your current stats, or pre-cuff injury stats?

    What is your playing weight?

    What height are you doing your box jumps for? If you're doing plyos the next day, high rep box jumps aren't going to help you get more explosive. If you're working for muscular endurance then there are much better exercises that aren't going to be as taxing on your CNS.

    I would do your lunges before your leg curls/extentions if you even bother to do those at all. The seated, open-chain exercises are not particularly useful to athletes unless there is a muscular imbalance that you're trying to fix. All they're going to do is limit your lunges.

    Your Friday workout is a bear unless you're going very light on most of those exercises. What is that going to look like?

    Shoot me a pm as I don't get on here as much as I should, I've worked with some Div 1 football players as a strength coach, and I do private coaching now.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    All my stats are as of today, I amazingly have no problems with my rotator cuff now, as I had a great surgeon, and really stuck to rehab. My playing weight is around 270-275, as I am a blocking tight end, and play special teams.

    My box jumps are at 24", and yes, I'm trying to incorporate some more back and rear delts into Monday. Also, I am trying to shed some stuff on Fridays. I'll shoot you a PM!

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    Hey, Good luck with everything man. Keep busting ass and you're going to make things happen. The underdog is a hard man to keep down.

    The only thing I'd really say is that even though the rotator cuff feels fine now, keep it strong. Band work, whatever you were doing in rehab, stretching, keep doing that. I've had to go through therapy for it three times now.

    As for your workout, I think the push/pull/push/pull would work, but just make sure your body is recovering between each workout.

    Also, something that may interest you. Considering a lot of what you are doing is very explosive, check out Westside Barbell. The website is Not sure if you've ever worked out with chains or bands, but they can do numbers to your explosive strength.

    Best of luck to you, keep me updated.
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    I think you need to decide where you lack right now, and where you need to improve. Mainly, do you need more size, or more strength? It seems like you need to be training for strength but your split doesn't really maximize strength gains.

    Also, as Borris said, you're doing too much pressing (and putting way too much stress on your rotator cuffs.) You should also work in some light internal and external shoulder rotation to strengthen your cuffs and do them at least 4x a week.

    As trasmi said, the Westside approach to training is a great tool for the explosive athlete. It's definitely something you should look into, although the bands and chains are not necessary in order to see immediate progress. I've personally added 120 to my squat in less than a year using the Westsdie methods. There are a handfull of powerlifters here who train using Westside as well as other PL approaches. Also, you should definitely look at their Q&A staff is probably the single best online strength and conditioning source you will find. Plus they are loaded with info on how to increase your lifts, your conditioning, rehab, and pretty much anything having to do with becoming a better athlete. It's definitely worth the time.

    Specifically, I'm not even close to being able to help you increase your bench, as mine is pathetic. I would go as far as to say, train your triceps and lats hard and your bench will go up. Also, learn to bench low and tuck your elbows (metal militia style) and your shoulders will not see as much stress.

    For the squat, get a wider stance. Learn to sit back and use your glutes and hamstrings. Learn to box squat. At your weight you could easily be squatting in the 500s with just some technique adjustments.

    Good luck on your quest. I can't even imagine how difficult it is to get into pro football. Just focus on the most important things, and go balls out.

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    Westside-styled stuff is fine, it's how I train athletes myself.

    However, we need to know what kind of shape he's in now and how long he actually has to get ready, plus the expectations to be met. We also need to know what kind of Strength and Conditioning program he came up in for the 4-5 years of Div 1 Ball. All of this needs to be figured out before we can talk about whether or not what you guys are thinking of by "Westside" is right for him.

    Did you play at Texas Tech?
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