eating wrong to me is eating 2-3 pieces of pizza on a day where I've eaten 1500 calories without the pizza.

I dont count my carbs because i dont know how many is ideal.

All I can really tell you is my protein was around 180 g and calories around 3-4 thousand since august. As of the last month ive been cutting that in half.

my routine- 2 days legs, 2 days upper body. usually consectutive, 4 days straight, weekends off.

tuesday- Back, Chest
Bench Press(every week i switch from incline to flat)
Warm up with 95 lbs somtimes for 25 reps which kills my chest.

Seated Cable row(legs out one) 2-3x8-11
Sitting lat pull(name? Your sitting down on this) 2-3x8-11
Dumb Flys- 2x8
Dumb Bell Bench- 2x8
Hammer Curls 2x8-10
One handed snatch 1-2x8

Weds Legs
Front Squats 2x8
Back Squats ATF 3x8-10
Heavy Back Squats 3x5-8
Deadlifts(low weight b/c I hurt my back) 2x10
Reverse Deadlifts(a lot heavier then re DL) 1-2x5-8
Calf Raises 3x25-35

Thursday Bicep,Tricep,Shoulder
Mili Press 2-3x8
DB Press 2-3x8
Skull Crushers 2x8
Cable Push Downs 2x5-8
Reverse Curls 2x8
One Handed DB snatch 1-2x8
Curl 1-2x8
Hammer Curls 2-3x8
(i know im forgetting something)

Friday - See Weds

Im also going to start BPing 2 x a week because it is so bad.