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Thread: Fruits

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    eating wrong to me is eating 2-3 pieces of pizza on a day where I've eaten 1500 calories without the pizza.

    I dont count my carbs because i dont know how many is ideal.

    All I can really tell you is my protein was around 180 g and calories around 3-4 thousand since august. As of the last month ive been cutting that in half.

    my routine- 2 days legs, 2 days upper body. usually consectutive, 4 days straight, weekends off.

    tuesday- Back, Chest
    Bench Press(every week i switch from incline to flat)
    Warm up with 95 lbs somtimes for 25 reps which kills my chest.

    Seated Cable row(legs out one) 2-3x8-11
    Sitting lat pull(name? Your sitting down on this) 2-3x8-11
    Dumb Flys- 2x8
    Dumb Bell Bench- 2x8
    Hammer Curls 2x8-10
    One handed snatch 1-2x8

    Weds Legs
    Front Squats 2x8
    Back Squats ATF 3x8-10
    Heavy Back Squats 3x5-8
    Deadlifts(low weight b/c I hurt my back) 2x10
    Reverse Deadlifts(a lot heavier then re DL) 1-2x5-8
    Calf Raises 3x25-35

    Thursday Bicep,Tricep,Shoulder
    Mili Press 2-3x8
    DB Press 2-3x8
    Skull Crushers 2x8
    Cable Push Downs 2x5-8
    Reverse Curls 2x8
    One Handed DB snatch 1-2x8
    Curl 1-2x8
    Hammer Curls 2-3x8
    (i know im forgetting something)

    Friday - See Weds

    Im also going to start BPing 2 x a week because it is so bad.

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    How is it that you know how many grams of protein and how many calories but not how many grams of fat or carb you're eating?

    And yes, it matters. Fats are satiating and keep your glucose/insulin stable, which helps keep your appetite under control (plus a few other perks).

    Why such high reps for a cut on such low calories?

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    1st and foremost: noone ever got fat off eating fruit.

    To the dude eating 1500 cals. Man, DON'T. Your body will eat fat, but also will start EATING YOUR MUSCLE for energy. You WILL NOT be happy with the end result. You'll be the worst of both worlds, what we meatheads call 'Skinny Fat.'

    Get a good weight traininig routine focusing on compound movements, start an account on fitday, eat 2500 cals a day spread over 5-6 meals. Track this for 1-2 weeks and see what happens to your bodyweight. If it goes up, your eating over your maintenance. If it stays the same, you've found your maintenancecals. If you lose weight, you're under your maintenance.

    Eat these kinda foods:

    Carbohydrates: Oatmeal, Sweet 'Tater, Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Bread
    Proteins: Chicken, Fish, Lean Red Meat, Eggwhites, Milk
    Fats: Olive Oil, Nuts, Whole Eggs, Fishoil

    You might be also looking for some "SUPER LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN MUSCLE!" supplement. Don't. Food is your super supplement. The only supplements you may need are Whey Protein, a good Multivitamin and Fishoil. All are ready available.

    See you in 1-2 weeks.

    Now, say thankyou, bitch. That took a while

    EDIT: Just realised your not exactly a noobie, and probably know all this stuff.
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